Justina Gringyte kicks up a storm in all Preziosilla’s guises (Telegraph) in the most dramatically problematic of the mature operas conducted by Carlo Rizzi and directed by David Pountney.

“You can’t fault the soloists for dramatic intensity or vocal heft. The commitment is immense,” according to The TImes.

Mark Pullinger (Bachtrack) says, “Sometimes masked, sometimes in diamantine top hat and tails like a cabaret artiste, Justina Gringyte’s Preziosilla dominates the action. She made the greatest impact on opening night. Her granite-toned mezzo was in thrilling condition, especially when imperiously sitting astride a tank’s gun to deliver the rousing Rataplan chorus, a huge blast at the end scattering her victims. Preziosilla spins Pountney’s Force of Destiny.”

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